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Global City Press was founded by writers to share work in a community dedicated to clarity of vision, empathy, and inclusiveness. For over 20 years, our journal, Global City Review, has told unique, inspiring stories that has informed and connected readers from all different walks of life.

Global City Review, each organized around a broad theme, publishes stories, memoirs, poems, drama, essays and interviews on a variety of topics,  as well as drawings, photo spreads, literary crossword puzzles, and hybrid forms.

All of our past issues are now available to new readers through our website. Our first digital issue, Legacies, is currently in production. With Legacies, we are reopening the door to a new generation of readers and writers, as well as to ongoing fans of Global City Review and Press.

Matheran’s Red 
by Amy Veach

As an old man, a memory from Alistair’s childhood in India held tremendous pressure, like a chronic ache. The sound of his mother crying drifted back into his mind on sleepless nights.

A Birthday Remembered
by Taylor Hibma

Do people remember most of their birthdays growing up?
I only ask because I don’t and perhaps that’s a fairly common occurrence.

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