Global City Press

Welcome to the literary metropolis.

We are a collective of writers, meaning all writers are contributing members of our publishing enterprise. Since our inception in 1993, our collective has included highly-acclaimed and award-winning writers alongside emerging writers, some of whom have since become celebrated bestselling authors. Members of the collective have won The National Book Award, Guggenheim Fellowships, Pushcarts, an Edith Wharton Award, a PEN/Malamud Award, and Americas Poetry Festival’s Poet of the Year Award, among many other accolades.

Global City Review

Global City Review, our seasonal literary magazine, has been in production since 1993. Our first digital issue can be found here. All print editions of Global City Review, once limited to members and subscribers, have been made publicly available and now embody the bedrock of our current literary metropolis. All print editions of Global City Review, starting with Sexual Politics–Issue 1 from the spring of 1993, can be found by visiting Past Issues.

Global City Review has been singled out for praise by Library Journal, The Los Angeles Times Book Review and the Multicultural Review. We have published National Book Award winners such as Joan Silber and Jean Valentine, best-selling novelists such as Marilyn French, Mary Gordon, and Frederic Tuten, activist-writers such as Grace Paley and Eve Ensler, poets such as Mark Doty and Alfred Corn, essayists and translators such as Eliot Weinberger, graduate students, established and beginning writers, and writers from Mexico, Bosnia and China, among other countries, in English and in translation. 

We have published such essays as “Rediscovering Deaf-mute Existence in Film,” “Putting a New Dress on Derrida,” and an early essay on Le Banlieu. Our memoirs include one by a psychic and one by a man now deceased from AIDS, who wrote about how he thought he contracted the virus. We have printed drawings, photographs and crossword puzzles. We have published pieces on art from Gauguin to Japanese comics, and on dance, both modern and ballet.  We have published work by the Artists and Homeless Collaborative and a project by the New York Theological Society men’s group at Sing Sing. We have published some of you.

Books and Anthologies

Global City Press publishes a select number of books and anthologies by members of the collective. Global City books have been reviewed in The New York Times Book Review, The Los Angeles Times Book Review, Kirkus Review, The Women’s Review of Books, Sojourner, Book List, Asia Week, Small Press Book Review, Book List, The Austin-American Statesman, Book/Mark, Select Fiction, and other publications. Our books have been adopted by libraries, women’s studies programs, high schools, and English Departments.  We have made them available to prisons and homeless shelters and reading groups.

Past titles include a limited edition of Our History in New York by Linsey Abrams, Nortada, The North Wind by Michelle Valladares, Ghost Stories by E.M. Broner, The Power to Dream: Interviews with Women in the Creative Arts by Nancy Jo Hoy, Safe House by Burt Shulman, House of Waiting by Marina Tamar Budhos, and the anthologies Girls, edited by Edith Chevat, Laurie Piette, and Angie Argabrite, and The Breast, edited by Susan Thames and Marin Gazzaniga. The Escapist, a novel by our managing editor, David Puretz, is the newest release from Global City Press. Forthcoming is a new collection of poetry from Michelle Valladares.

Collective Members

David Puretz, Editorial Director
Amy Veach, Art, Design & Production Director
Michelle Yasmine Valladares, Poetry Editor
Brian Brennan, Managing Editor
Linsey Abrams, Founder and Editorial Consultant

Charles Nix designed the original 4 1/2″ by 6 1/2″ pocket-sized Global City Review, our original logo, several covers, and the first half-dozen Global City Press books and covers. We owe our classy and distinctive look to Charles, one of the original members of the Collective. Charles is a graduate of Cooper Union, a book and type designer, formerly on the faculty of Pratt Institute and Parsons. He is now Type Director at Monotype.

From Our Founder, Linsey Abrams:

I started Global City Press because I was interested in using it as a kind of literary imagination, its members a collective of writers dedicated to creating a resonant space. I also started a reading series where writers and readers could expect an editorial point of view that was an investigation and interpretation of literature, ideas, societies, psychologies, intellectual constructions and cultures. So in both the public programming and the magazine I was exploring ideas that interested me. I consider the thematic issues artistic and intellectual projects, each as more than the sum of its individually authored parts. The pieces are chosen for their originality and the convincing information they bring to the reader–and fine writing is of course efficacy of form married to exactitude of vocabulary. Taken together the pieces comment on topics in ways that illuminate innate structures and ask philosophical, social and moral questions.
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