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Welcome to the literary metropolis.

Global City Review is the base from which this literary metropolis has been built. Our entire backlist is preserved here. Each of our precious print issues can be accessed by clicking the corresponding covers below.

Our first digital issue, Legacies, can be found here.

The first print issue of Global City Review was released in the spring of 1993. Edited and produced by a cooperative of writers, its members grew and changed over the years, as both esteemed writers in the field alongside graduate students worked on it to create a literary forum and community that reflected our artistic and human values. Great thanks is due to The Simon H. Rifkind Center at The City College of New York for their early support of our publishing enterprise, and later, The Titus Foundation for generous funding. Several individuals kept us going in lean times, and we thank them, too. We thank our subscribers for their support, our contributors for their writing. And most of all we thank the writers, too numerous to mention, who joined us in creating and sustaining Global City Review for over twenty years. We owe them gratitude, though for each of us the collective itself and the published work were our own rewards.

GC Cover 1
Sexual Politics, ISSUE NUMBER ONE: Interview with Marilyn French, author of The Women’s Room; essay on Derrida and V. Woolf’s “The New Dress”; poetry by Joan Larkin, fiction by Alix Kates Schuman and Felice Picano.
gc cover 2
Paradise Lost, ISSUE NUMBER TWO: essay on postcolonial writers in Paris; poetry by Jean Valentine, Ann Lauterbach, Robin Becker, and Artists & Homeless Collaborative; fiction by Joan Silber.
gc cover 3
Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, ISSUE NUMBER THREE: literary / sociological essay on American cities, myth and crime; essay on representations of the monstrous other in fiction and popular culture; memoir by Marina Budhos; fiction by Mary LaChapelle; poetry by Jane Cooper and Mark Doty.
gc cover 4
To Make A Long Story Short, ISSUE NUMBER FOUR: essay on Yugoslavia by Eliot Weinberger; essay on clinical research with blind children; interview with Grace Paley; memoir by Kathleen Hill; poetry by Cornelius Eady and Mary Gordon.
gc cover 5
Crime & Punishment, ISSUE NUMBER FIVE: interview with a gay cop; interview with two imprisoned white collar criminals; essay by New York Theological Seminary Master’s Degree candidates imprisoned at Sing Sing; poetry by Richard McCann.
gc cover 6
To Sleep Perchance to Dream, ISSUE NUMBER SIX: interview with therapist Stanley Siegel; poetry by Jean Valentine, Gerry Gomez Pearlberg, Denise Duhamel; profile of choreographer Yienan Song; fiction by Patricia Chao, Jenifer Levin and Edward Swift.
gc cover 7
Totem & Taboo, ISSUE NUMBER SEVEN: essay on silent film in relation to experience of the deaf; essay on classic 19th-century gothic novels and the demonic as male projection; fiction by David Madden, Susan Daitch, Jonis Agee; poetry by Linda Smuckler and Kimiko Hahn.
gc cover 8
Fish Out of Water, ISSUE NUMBER EIGHT: new writers on cultural isolation, otherness; handwriting as story; translation of early 20th-century Budapest humorist, Frigyes Karinthy ; memoirist William Wilson, now deceased, on “how I think I got the AIDS virus.”
gc cover 9
Every Picture Tells a Story, ISSUE NUMBER NINE: interview with novelist and art critic Frederic Tuten; essay on manga, Japanese comic books; essay on Paul Gaugin.
gc cover 10
Courting Danger, ISSUE NUMBER TEN: interview with national Book Award Finalist Edwidge Danticatt; essay on the significance of the corpse in the death of film director Pier Paolo Pasolini.
gc cover 11
Laughing Matters, ISSUE NUMBER ELEVEN: interview with Eve Ensler, author and performer of The Vagina Monologues; Meghan Daum’s “Do The Rules on Your Therapist; ” Wayne Koestenbaum, Grace Paley and Sarah Schulman on kleptomania, expensive mammograms and pies; fiction by Jaime Manrique.
gc cover 12
Anything Can Happen, ISSUE NUMBER TWELVE: a fiction and art project on the representation of girls; memoir by a psychic, memoir by Michael Klein; essay on psychoanalysis and storytelling by novelist E.M. Broner and psychoanalyst Barbara Kane; fiction by Marilyn French, Victoria Redell, Darcey Steinke, Laurie Stone, Carolyn Ferrell.
gc cover 13
Secrets, ISSUE NUMBER THIRTEEN: fiction by Chuck Wachtel; memoirs by Hettie Jones and Rachel Hadas; poetry by Mary Morris,
Lynne Sharon Schwartz and Timothy Liu.
gc cover 14
International, ISSUE NUMBER FOURTEEN: poetry by Roberto Tejada, Venus Khoury-Ghata, Pablo Medina and Cornelius Eady; memoir by Dubravka Ugresic.
gc cover 15
Forked Tongue, ISSUE NUMBER FIFTEEN: Robin Blair’s memoir on Jerzy Kosinski; fiction by Elise Blackwell and others; poets look at politics.
gc cover 16
Simple Virtues, ISSUE NUMBER SIXTEEN: Beth Herstein’s post-Katrina memoir and Barbara Milberg Fisher on Balanchine; poems by Jean Valentine and others; crossword puzzle by Janice M. Putney; assorted stories.
gc cover 17
O Brave New World, ISSUE NUMBER SEVENTEEN: poems about 9/11, birds, dogs, bears, family and aging; fiction and memoirs set in Greensboro, NC, Nairobi, also interracial and irrational territories. Drawing by Susan Haskins. Mini Acrostic by Janice Putney.
gc cover 18
Knit Together, ISSUE NUMBER EIGHTEEN: poems by Elaine Sexton, Pamela L. Laskin and others; stories by Jessica Lipnack, Laurel Kallen and others; a knitting pattern by Ann Eugenia Volkes.
gc cover 19
It’s All Relative, ISSUE NUMBER NINETEEN: memoir of being a hidden child during the Holocaust by Greta Herensztat; stories by Luann Jacobs, Seamus Scanlon, Nicole Melonson, Edwin Rivera and others; poems by Peggy Garrison, Erika T. Wurth and others.
gc cover 20
Beyond Good and Evil, ISSUE NUMBER TWENTY: Felicia Bonaparte explores the philosophical journey of right and wrong in Beyond Good and Evil: A Map and A Calendar; Sisters living on the fringe of each others’ nightmares are represented in Adrienne Anifant’s Approach of a Desolation Angel; stories by Joshua Cochran, Nichole Goodwin, Melanie Thorne and others; poems by David Quintavalle, Adrienne Gilde, Helen Dano and others.
gc cover 21
Nothing Is Simple, ISSUE NUMBER TWENTY-ONE: photo essay by Lewis Watts: poems by Ann Lauinger, Cynthia Cruz, Elana Greenfield and others; memoirs by Sara Whitney Williams and Helen Boyd; stories by Alfred Corn and others.
gc cover 22
NUMBER TWENTY-TWO: pieces speak from the heart of the matter. Who are we? What defines us? How do we realize ourselves? How do we overcome our deeper disturbances? Novel excerpts from Robin Blair, Edith Chevat, Lyn Di Iorio, and Jessie Chaffee; short story by Frank Soley, poetry by Michelle Valladares, J.T. Ledbetter.


Legacies, ISSUE NUMBER TWENTY-THREE: a celebration of the work that proceeded the relaunch of Global City Review and Press. Work by David Puretz, Taylor Hibma, Amy Veach, and more.


Setting the Record Straight, ISSUE NUMBER TWENTY-FOUR: Can our truths hold the power that propels others into action? Absolutely. Fiction by Joe Okonkwo and Jeff M. Sellers. Essays by Eileen M. Cunniffe, Edith Mirante, Michael Hettich, and Tovia Jacobs. Photography by Lewis Watts. Memoirs by Marc Palmieri, Jon L. Jensen, Kim Gittens, and Maria Newsom. Poetry by Xiaoly Li, Jonathan Memmert, Elaine Sexton, Susanna Horng, Alexa Dayoan, and Lynne Shapiro. Interview with Chris L. Terry.