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respiro and The Rest of Nature, visual poetry by Desiree Jung in Global City Review Issue 25: Do We Have a Future?
The Rest of Nature

My name is Desirée Jung, and I am poet and visual artist from Vancouver, Canada. My portfolio includes published poetry, translation, and fiction. My most recent work, a series of video poems, in both English and Portuguese, speak on the relationship between language, landscape and displacement. The selected video poems for this issue are my take and mea culpa (or individual responsibility and accountability) regarding themes such as our obsessive search for identity, refusal, and stubbornness to lack and emptiness, excessive surplus value and overconsumption, and the lingering of an old, refurbished feudal capitalism we have in place. On a lighter note, my writing and visual art is also an attempt to translate light, despite my hopelessly failing it. For more on my digital art, writing, as well as my video poems, please see my website: