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Old age claimed them.
First him, now her,
the couple down the hall.

No more smells
of frying onions,
aromas of baking pies,
the occasional burnt toast,
shared dinners for two.

No more of the laughter,
arguments, that pierced
their hallway wall
like a retaining rod
of their existence.

No more Sunday Times
left astray on their
shoe-filled doorway. 

When relatives come
to clear out the apartment,
worlds vanish.

Whispers echo
in vacant space.

Dust and cobwebs,
outside noises
ricochet in
hollowed rooms.

Empty closets
await the strangers.
Transported histories,
soon to arrive with
boxes and suitcases.


Jonathan Memmert is a writer and poet who resides in Manhattan and is currently an MFA candidate at The City College of New York. His poetry has been published in