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We ran that first summer
Mom’s room was empty

We didn’t know what else to do
so we closed the door behind us

Ran out the gate and raced
against the sunrise

We took on neighboring towns
chased the cars up and down Queens Blvd

Foreheads baked calves ached
blood filled our faces as we stomped the sidewalk

I thought about the words that made me
second guess how I felt about my body

After all this time I decided to run
like a flying paper bird   a flightless living bird

When it was over
the air turned crisp again

I left the ceiling plants alone 
I wore a size up again

There is such a thing
as too much sun and dehydration

Those vines slowed each day
a dull brown spread to their roots

June July August
It is September again

It is your birthday and the dry bones
are hanging off the floating soil

they crunch in the warmth of my fingers–
dull and hollow stems

I don’t know if more water will work
or if it’s too late to save them

Alexa Dayoan is a poet and recent graduate from CCNY’s MFA Creative Writing program. She sings for her church, self-publishes her poetry and collages, and hosts collage parties from home.  Her artwork has been published by Four Three Three, and this is her first poetry publication.