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Print copies of Legacies, our last issue, also in full color, particularly foregrounds John Bradford’s extraordinary paintings in “Lincoln Legacy,” especially affecting in this political era. Legacies is a beautiful little book, and as in the online issue, the forms and subjects have been chosen for variety as well as subjects and fine writing. You can now order the print edition, in its second printing, here.

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And again, we encourage your submissions to Global City Review. We like writing and art of all kinds. The more original the work, the stronger each issue is. This is a huge moment in our country and around the globe. Personal lives always matter. So do ideas. What is on your mind? The next issue is titled and themed Do We Have a Future?, conceived to be a set along with Legacies and Setting the Record Straight, to look at our past, present, and future in this unimagined time. 

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